We’ve been busy here a Posture.  Our new face on the internets is fast emerging, something we are calling Pv2.

The time leading up to this new site launch has been a year in the making.  In a world where we make confident, creative decisions with our clients every day, it’s seemingly terrifying when having to make those same decisions for ourselves. What do we say? How do we say it?  As we continue to refine our voice, we looked at our work over the last 18 months in our current space.  Like that special montage in any movie with music in the background… everything we’ve poured our hearts in to the past 500-sum days flashed across the screen all at once.

We immediately realized that we all were blessed.  Blessed that clients – old and new – allowed us into their lives to help.  We hope we’ve helped in our days here and are even more excited for the next 500.