Firefighters. Musicmakers.


How we work

We are a family of creative minds that work best when we become a true member of your team. In all our past lives, we’ve seen one too many a business owner get taken advantage of financially due to a lack of technical knowledge. We’ve vowed to irradicate those toxic business practices that cost clients time and money. Promise.

The Team

Meet the fine folks that make the Posture world go ‘round and help present your brand in the best way possible.

Tony Bartocci
Partner - Business Development
Mat Giordano
Partner - Design
Rob Jones
Partner - Web Development
Gabby Santos
Marketing Strategy
Jamie Hannigan
Project Management
Doug Griffths
Project Management
Joey Zarcone
Graphic Design
Kathryn Bondi
Design + UX
Charles Ferran
Video Production
Sal Bulzoni
Video Production
Kevin O'Boyle
Web Development
Jeremy Bolella
Web Development
The Digs

You’ll find us nestled up on the 3rd floor of the historic Gordon Building. Just follow the calming zen vibes permeating from the walls as you’re guided through Alexander’s Salon and Spa on the floors below. Every successful creative team has their battleground – ours just happens to be very orange.

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