The Story – A Lesson to Us All

The Story – A Lesson to Us All

Quick, go to

Not what you were expecting, was it?

For those who didn’t click, that domain name redirects you to Donald Trump’s website instead – a very humbling lesson on purchasing any domain that may refer to you or your business (it’s something we preach for all of our clients).

But that’s not the worst of it – this election campaign has seen 3 different candidates get burned by not registering the proper domains. takes you to this (his official website domain is domain redirect


While (until recently) presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who did snap up in addition to her main site domain (, forgot to register, and paid the price with this being put up on that domain: domain redirect

There are in total thirty THOUSAND sad-face emojis – allegedly one for each person laid off at Hewlett-Packard while Fiorina was CEO. Ouch.

Let this be a lesson to us all – register ALL domains that pertain to you and your business, and make sure not to ignore those little renewal emails that come around once a year. You’ve worked hard on building your brand (possibly even with our help); a little mistake like letting your domain expire could cost you dearly.

Star Wars: Let’s Make All The Money

Sometime today, Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ box office total will surpass $761,000,000, becoming the highest-grossing film in US history (not adjusted for inflation) in the process. That’s an incredible amount of money. That’s a crazy amount of money. That amount of money is almost impossible to understand. So, let’s try to break it down by comparing it to some real-world examples.

If you had $761 million in your pocket right now, you could afford:

A Cup of Coffee a Day – for 876,021 years. YEARS.

A Ticket to Walt Disney World – for all the residents of Philadelphia. Roundtrip airfare included.

An Apple Watch: Edition – including an 18 carat gold cover and 3 years of AppleCare Protection, for every single person living in Wilkes-Barre.

A Tesla Model S – with every commercially available upgrade and option. Actually, 5,649 Model S’s, enough to circle the Earth at it’s equator three and a half times.

All of the Ad Time During Super Bowl 50 – with $761 million, you could buy all of the commercial air time during this year’s Super Bowl. All of it. And have enough leftover to purchase every ticket to the game. And charter a private jet to get you there.

The current record-holder, James Cameron’s Avatar, made $760.5 million over it’s entire theatrical run, about 34 weeks. Star Wars will break that record in 17 days. What I’m trying to say is Star Wars made a lot of money so far, and will continue to make a lot of money (and shatter box office records) for the foreseeable future.

Is This the New Google Glass?

You’re looking at what could be the future design for Google’s Glass project. A slew of new photos were posted to the FCC’s website yesterday, and with that came some interesting new speculation on the future of face computers.


On the outside, the design looks roughly the same, with some notable changes – it’s foldable, which is a definite improvement over the previous design, and includes a larger prism for better interaction with your notifications. According to 9to5Google, the internal upgrades revolve around an Intel Atom processor, faster 5GHz WiFi connectivity, and a much-needed improvement to battery life. Unfortunately, it seems this particular Glass design won’t be destined for consumers, even though it’s been almost 2 years since the original was met with lukewarm reception.

With the ever-increasing popularity of wearable tech like smartwatches, is it time for people to embrace smartglasses too? Google’s early concept video certainly makes it seem pretty amazing, although the reality has yet to meet expectations.

~Come Together~

Some things are just meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly, root beer and ice cream, cats and every box ever – and now, Valerie Kiser Design and Lavish Body & Home!

Recently two of our favorite clients teamed up in a collaboration of stunning design and luxurious products. Sharing a similar style of classic black and white, bold patterns and a focus on a lifestyle that’s… well Lavish… makes these two a match made in heaven!  Lavish’s beautiful downtown Scranton storefront provides the perfect place to showcase Valerie’s collection of elegant hand-printed linen cloths, classic cotton pillows, and tons more.


VKD and Lavish came to us independently, both looking to further their brand and create an exciting online presence.  As we became intimately familiar with the VKD and Lavish brands, it became obvious this was a natural fit! It came as no shock to us when all of our worlds collided with the announcement of this collaboration.  After one of our infamous Posture happy dances we got right to work!

We had the honor of creating ads, social images, posters, other collateral to cross promote between the brands and build excitement around this great partnership!

The next time you’re in downtown Scranton be sure to pop into Lavish Body & Home, and check out the Valerie Kiser Design Collection! We love it when our friends become friends!




Posture Launch Week!

It’s Posture Launch Week! We’ve been an incredibly busy bunch so far this summer, and we think it’s past due for us to celebrate some of the fun we’ve had the past few months!

Every day this week, we’ll be showcasing some of the fantastic businesses we’ve partnered up with and hope you love them as much as we all do! We start today with our friends at Bedwick & Jones Printing with a challenge of bringing a physical printed piece to life on the digital screen(s). Take a peek…

Bedwick & Jones

Check back tomorrow for our next showcased project!