Bringing it Home for Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

Bringing it Home for Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

We are blessed to work with a lot of different fine folks in the Geisinger family, but the Children’s Hospital holds a special place in our hearts – but not just around the holidays! Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital is the first rural acute-care children’s hospital in the country and one of the first rural academic facilities in the region, making it a unique facility specially designed to meet the challenges of providing health care to children living in rural areas.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural or urban area, when a child is seriously ill, injured or facing a life-threatening condition. Their pediatric specialists can step in immediately, using state-of-the-art technology to provide emergency, trauma and critical care.

Being a national destination for children’s care means not only leading the way in addressing pediatric health issues, but it also requires a special understanding of the particular needs of a young patient, as well as his or her parents and other family members, especially siblings. Janet Weis Children’s Hospital strives to care not just for a condition, but for the whole patient – and their family.


Support of Janet Weis Children’s Hospital ensures children throughout NEPA and beyond are getting access to the best healthcare and the most experienced pediatric providers available in the United States.


Do it for the kids – build a virtual gingerbread house for Janet Weis Children’s Hospital!


Join the Posture House Party now through December 31st and share your house on social media to vote for AIE NEPA as the winner of our grand prize — a cash donation plus design and digital support totaling $5,000! (Don’t forget to include the #posturehouseparty hashtag so we can see your house and count your vote.)

Start building here.

First Friday: What’s A Posture?

“What’s a Posture?”

We live on the 3rd floor of a popular downtown spa and salon, so we’re pretty tucked away doing our web design thing. Most spa-goers think we either do waxing, some sort of chiropractic service, or excel in eyelash extensions. We were thrilled at the invitation of our downstairs neighbor, Alexander’s, to exhibit for First Friday. Getting down to business, we set out to create an experiential installation that helped illustrate what we did all day. But just what did that mean? (Besides Doug’s afternoon naps.)

We decided on two concepts which centered around coding and design. At its core, our daily tasks involve putting certain actions, commands or thoughts into a machine (or Macbook Pro) and anticipating a desired result or reaction to make some slick websites. We also use computer programs to help us design unique branding and awesome interactive elements for our projects.

To put our daily workings into a tactile experience, we used a microcontroller called a  Makey Makey (a fun programmable device) to put the spectator in the driver’s seat.  We programmed various interactive pieces around the space with hand-wired controllers projected to large screens. We constructed our own old school video game controller as well as a cornucopia of wired fruit (yes, delicious, nutritious, AND conductive.) Using their own energy as the conductor, visitors became part of the program as well as the designer. Their own actions layered different motions, shapes and sounds on our interactive canvases throughout the evening to create unique works of digital art.

We also exhibited some of our own generative art. What’s that, you ask? Generative art utilizes computer algorithms and user input to build textured patterns of image and design in static and dynamic forms. These selections were produced using software which was programmed to start minimal and grow while exploring the complexities of computer calculations in stunning and captivating visual pieces.  Umm… still sound like Greek?  TL;DR: We created these sweet designs by setting certain rules in the computer and then letting it go wild!

It also turns out that most of our team is, was, or would like to be in a band.  Pooling their talents Captain Planet-style, our musical forces combined for an awesome evening of entertainment.  This, coupled with Kat’s harvest sangria recipe (thanks Pinterest), some culinary delights from Vine Cafe, and a bunch of curious people – all helped answer the question we were asked throughout evening:

“What’s a Posture?”


Northeast Woman (right here!)

Kathryn Bondi sits across from us all, doing her thing.  We’re beaming with pride today as it’s exposed that she’s just as busy outside the office inspiring great things as she is daily with us!  Take a peek at our very own resident Northeast Woman!

“What I’ve gotten from this area is a great community,” she added. “There’s a sense of lifting each other and camaraderie, of wanting to see other businesses and events do well. We have to be there for each other. In this area, I feel like no good deed goes unnoticed.”

Read full article here

Peep Our New Posture Peeps

In any random leadership book, they tell you to surround yourself with people smarter than you.  I’m insanely blessed that over the last couple years we’ve somehow grown our team with passionate, talented individuals that have truly shaped every inch of Posture as we know it.


Rob, Mat & I recently embarked on a crazy mission to expand our team.  The hiring process is a super daunting one, especially with a small group like ours (and looking to hire actual full-time humans to come in the office and play with us). I’m pleased the long search is over and I’m absolutely in love with the synergy of our expanded crew. I proudly welcome Kathryn Bondi & Kevin O’Boyle to Posture.


Kathryn is no stranger to start-ups, having grown with the local internet success story, Net Driven, leading the design team almost since their inception.


Relocating back to the area, Kevin is a gifted full stack developer who successfully ran his own development business and now will graciously be contributing more of those same talents with us.


There’s a lot more to these peeps than their resume (like how you can never talk about the most current episode of Game of Thrones in front of Kevin), but to find out you’ll have to stop by the office to meet them yourself!


Welcome welcome!  Peep our full team.


Local ADDY winners revealed; Posture Interactive wins Best in Show

Excerpt from Scranton Times Article:

Scranton-based Posture Interactive won Best of Show at the annual American Advertising Awards held Friday night by the American Advertising Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Posture Interactive received the top award at the event at the Radisson at Lackawanna Station hotel for its “Electric City Roasting Seasonal Packaging Campaign” in the sales promotion packaging category. It was among the nearly 50 awards handed out.

Gold Award winners from the local level compete in District 2 in New York City, with top winners from the district heading to the national American Advertising Awards competition in California.

The student “Best of Show” award went to David C. Bonomo from Marywood University for the Poster Campaign, “Shakespeare Summer Series.” Marywood University student Casey Nicholas Peckio received the Judges’ Choice award for Sales Promotion Packaging Campaign titled “Beer Bottle 4 Pack Labels.”

Read full article here

We Have A Doug, Do You?

I guess it is time to make this all official.

For the past week this dude, named Doug, has been hanging around the office. Even after witnessing all our antics, he’s still here so I guess we can make it official: Doug’s the newest member of the Posture Team (and honestly, we’re pretty excited!)

This T-Rex loving man comes from a strong promotional and service-related background and is the perfect fit to our growing gang. Doug is charged with managing all Posture partner/client experiences along with their related digital footprints. If you’re working on a project with us, chances are he’ll be making sure we don’t screw it up… that much (among other things!)

Everyone needs a Doug (but you can’t have ours)



Inbox Zero vs. Inbox 5,000

There are two types of people in the world: those with hundreds of unread messages, and those who can’t relax until their inboxes are cleared out.

I must admit, I’m not quite sure I’ve EVER seen my iPhone without the little red dot and some number above certainly above 100 glaring at me.  Right now, it’s 11,135 and I’m ok with it.  I attend to all my mail on a regular basis, have different folders, tabs and colors for it all.  I just “know” what is a priority (in my internal file system) and operate accordingly (sounds normal, right??!).

I think I blame Gmail for this.  We use Google Apps for Work at the office and, well, they kind of encourage saving – EVERYTHING.  If I know it’s there, somewhere… and just a keystroke search away – why is there a need for me to clear out – or unbold – everything immediately?

Do you agree?

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Fashion Week or Photoshop?

On this day in 1990, we were blessed with a then little known program called Adobe Photoshop.  Now an industry standard (and a natural friend of the office) Photoshop celebrates its 25th birthday.  We thought you might like to see how it’s changed the world as told through Jimmy Kimmel’s eyes!

Enjoy… and save us some cake!

(Un)photogenic Therapy

We work above a spa and salon, a place covered in mirrors – so you think we’d have known.  I mean literally… I even have this huge full length mirror in my office that I stole from the floors below. They are everywhere.

When our trusty camera man arrived for photo day, you would of thought it was our first time out in public.  Upon scouring through the shots… trying to find something that appealed to our own vanities… Everything was questioned about what we thought we knew about ourselves and how our team actually saw each other on a daily basis.  Sounds made, awkward mannerisms, weird habits and/or faces were all exposed.

The photo selection session quickly transformed more into a Dr. Phil moment.  Yes, you really do… that… all the time.

I Giggle…

It happens each time I’ve been saying the word… cornhole. Ha. I just laughed again.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania will be hosting a Cornhole Tournament on November 15, 2014 at the Backyard Ale House. Registration begins at 12:30 with a 1:30 bag toss start. The cost to play is $40 per team with double elimination play.  Posture is sponsoring their own hole (again… just stop) and would love for you to join a team!

Participants must be 21 and over to play. The event is rain or shine as participants will compete on a heated covered patio. Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place winners, along with a prize for the most creative team name.

To register contact Julianne at (570) 342-8709 ext. 110 or

End giggle.