Posture Design Internship Program


This is a chance for third and fourth year college students to get real life experience in an agency setting. The Posture Internship Program is designed as an education experience that will align with credit requirements for most major Universities. Structured with a base of 90 unpaid hours, prospective students must be available for 15 hours per week for the given semester they wish to intern. Internships are available in the Spring, Fall and Summer. Students must submit portfolio samples and a letter explaining their career goals in graphic design and what they hope to gain from an internship at Posture Interactive.

Required Skills

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate successful visual problem-solving skills using the creative process
  • Explain creative choices using a balance of client requests and professional recommendations
  • Display confidence in presenting finished concepts to professional staff and clients

Other Preferences:

  • Senior level student, preferably with experience outside of the classroom – long-term employment potential
  • Self-motivated and ambitious individual looking to advance their real world experience
  • Creative individual that will thrive in a collaborative environment
  • Solid time management, organization and writing skills
  • Examples of graphic design, digital design or marketing work
  • Strong work ethic; team player
  • Experience in animation and motion graphics a plus

Preferred Educational Background:

  • Junior or Senior level coursework in Graphic Design
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Advanced skill level in the creation of vector artwork, branding, page layout, and digital compositions.
  • Knowledge of both prepress and digital design specs and standards
  • Proficient in copywriting with the ability to contribute to written content within compositions and campaigns
  • Interest in web design with basic understanding of WordPress CMS

Expected Projects:
The student will develop their design skills by:

  • Working in a fast-paced, creative and technology-driven environment.
  • Designing engaging and innovative graphics for client print needs, websites, and interactive media.
  • Developing materials that align with clients’ branding efforts by making smart design choices.
  • Collaborating with agency staff and clients to deliver a consistent and cohesive brand message