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A New Look to Political Awareness

Regardless of your political views, the fact is nearly 43% of citizens (100 million eligible voters) did not cast their ballot in the 2016 presidential election. This year, many big brands are saying those numbers are just not acceptable. Companies from all industries are discovering creative ways to encourage people to exercise their right to vote

However, these are not the typical ads we are used to seeing. For example, some campaigns this year have taglines that say “Vote For Your Life,” “Vote the Assholes Out,” and even “#VILF.” Yeah, you read that right. Check out these four captivating ad campaigns that are creating a unique new approach to political awareness.


In-app Voter Awareness

Snapchat’s voter awareness plan targets younger demographics with voter registration resources and allows them to form a voting plan. Some of the tools they rolled out include:

  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Guide
  • Before You Vote
  • And a Voter Checklist


Don’t Sit This One Out … We Aren’t

If you recently purchased a pair of Patagonia shorts, be sure to look underneath your tag! There’s a little Easter egg waiting for you.

ViacomCBS and the Ad Council

Vote For Your Life

ViacomCBS and the Ad Council teamed up to launch the campaign Vote For Your Life. This platform encourages potential voters to participate in the 2020 election “as if their lives depend on it.”



OkCupid, an online dating platform, launched a VILF badge. This risqué sense of humor gives their users the option to tack voting badges onto their profiles to let potential dates know that they’re voters. Because there’s nothing sexier than exercising your right to vote. 😉

Breaking the formula

It’s an interesting time for marketers to be creative and becoming increasingly important for brands to have a presence while still being mindful that their product or service might not be the most top-of-mind right now. Many ads in light of COVID-19 have taken on a very distinct formula of slow music and empty streets, building to a crescendo of lively user-generated content of fearless frontline workers or silly home videos. Amidst this new standard approach, some big brands have found a unique angle or specific audience that makes their message just a little more special. Here are our five favs from the COVID-19 era of advertising.

Bank of America

A Commencement for America—tomorrow starts today.


Creativity goes on


You Can’t Stop Us


Born in Quarantine


Thank You For Not Riding


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