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Staying creative in the New Year

Some people are gifted with the innate ability to come up with brilliant ideas and innovative solutions effortlessly. The rest of us, however, are forced to work with the complexly (and sometimes clunky) mechanical minds we’ve been given. They grind along well enough if we oil them frequently, but it’s easy to get behind on mental maintenance. Creativity requires vigilance and lots of self-care. It’s almost like taking care of your car but deserves a little more thought. 

Here are our tips for keeping your creative mechanics sharp and running well:

1. Preventative maintenance

Keeping cognitive creation at it’s prime requires preventative maintenance like a cars oil change. Instead of chugging the nearest 5W-30 caffeine, make sure you’re paying attention to how well your engines running, and be sure to take measures accordingly. If you’re feeling drained, don’t push yourself more than necessary.

2. Refuel often

A good day’s work of creative output comes from a lifetime of creative input. Your creativity is based on your lifetime of experiences that have led up to this moment. So keep living your life and feeding your creative side. Make sure you are participating in something you are passionate at least once a day.

3. Rotate your tires regularly

If you’re constantly wearing on the same old tricks you’ve always used, you’ll get worn down. You need a new perspective from time to time, and that requires some time and effort. Whether that’s throwing a new

4. Just get in the car, damnit.

Half the battle is showing up, getting your pen on the page. Chuck Close put it best by saying “Inspiration Is for Amateurs—The Rest of Us Just Show Up and Get to Work.” Most of the time while we’re simply waiting for something to spark our creativity, we could instead be putting effort into creating using what we already have in front of us. Sure, you’ll have some days where you’re fired up and roaring to create, but other days you’ll have to make do with what you can get.

5. Drive with confidence

When you’re out on the road, there are a bazillion other things you could focus on, but it takes a bit of focus and self-confidence to really hone in on driving your creativity to the finish line.

You can do it, now get out there and drive!


Party on…and keep the Arts Alive

I knew pretty early in life that I would pursue a career in something related to visual art. Whether it was drawing banners or building crafts as a kid, I was always pretty artsy-fartsy. I identified and thrived in this area because I was exposed to it and given the opportunity in school and at home to be as artistic as I could.  I was lucky. Not every kid has those opportunities.

Research shows the arts offer benefits far beyond creativity — they increase productivity and focus, they boost confidence, teach problem-solving and so much more. Regardless of their benefits, budgets and curriculums in our public schools make it difficult for our children to be exposed to visual and performing art.

So when our team started thinking about what local organizations we wanted to support this holiday season it was only natural that I thought of something that has had an impact on me personally.  I’ve had the pleasure of working hand in hand with Arts in Education NEPA, a partnership organization of The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and NEIU 19. Their mission is to advocates for arts education in schools and communities. They administer quality learning experiences in the performing and visual arts.


The most widely known AIE NEPA program, Arts Alive, is celebrating their 26th year this summer. Arts Alive pairs professional working artists and students in grades K-12 for four intensive weeks each summer. And the outcome is nothing short of remarkable.  They create a safe space where no one feels like an outsider and anything is possible. Students self-esteem skyrockets and the boost in confidence trickles through all of their studies improving their grades and attitudes with lifelong lessons they will take with them throughout the year.

What’s even more remarkable is the effect these programs have on children with more serious needs. I’ve personally met autistic children who entered the program as a nonverbal student and have found their voice through Arts Alive… literally and figuratively.


Support of AIE NEPA provides scholarships and transportation to students that otherwise wouldn’t have access to quality educational art programs.


Show your support for the arts and build a virtual gingerbread house for AIE NEPA!

Join the Posture House Party now through December 31st and share your house on social media with #PostureHouseParty to vote for AIE NEPA as the winner of our grand prize — a cash donation plus design and digital support totaling $5,000!

Start building here.

Brain Picking: What’s inspiring the Posture Crew this November?

As a chill comes blowing in the door, and our Posture orange begins to look a little more decorative, we’re getting pumped for the Halloween season with some inspiration from far away places…

"Vitriola" by Cursive

Doug’s Album: “Vitriola” by Cursive

Here on Spotify

 This is loud, chaotic, moody, dark, and beautiful. They really returned to their roots of barely-held-together indie with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that all but perfectly detail our political climate while being vague enough to avoid direct references and over-politicization.


I’ve been checking in daily with this site called FUCKING HOMEPAGE daily for the last few months. It’s a simple Tumblr blog that offers some words of wisdom, interesting facts, pictures, and self-improvement ideas. Pretty brilliant. A sample of quotes from the last couple days that have really struck a chord with me:

Kat’s Book: Hyper Focus by Chris Bailey 

 Here on Amazon
I’m trying to help keep myself in line and productive during the busy holiday months so I still have time to spend with friends and family doing all the fall things I love. So far, though, I’ve had trouble focusing on getting through the book…..

Want to learn more about Posture Team? Check out our About Us page.

What does nature teach us about technology?

“Look into nature and you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein said, and I often reflect on the quote when I don’t understand something.


Most days, I’m grappling to understand a way in which I can relate my love of nature and the fast-paced technologically driven world that we live in. It can be hard to see any connections, but essentially, we’ve built technology to reflect the nature around us, so when you look hard enough similarities arise.

For instance, nature has this incredible way of adapting to nearly every change that’s thrown at it. Recently, I was reminded of nature’s adaptability when I attended a presentation by A & G Outfitters on Scranton’s Lackawanna River. A key part of the presentation was that despite the city’s industrial history and city surroundings, the fishing is more than exceptional. In fact, despite the insane amount of crap(pun intended), that’s passed through the river, parts are currently labeled as Class A waters, which means there are sustained wild populations of trout (bear in mind that they are suggested catch and release. Eating these fish are not recommended by any means).

By now you’re thinking: neat history and ecology lesson, but what does this have to do with technology?

man fly fishing

Answer: everything has to do with everything.

The digital universe is in its own way, an ever-changing river. The internet is rough and turbulent like the waters of the Lackawanna River, and over the years there’s been plenty of garbage poured into the web universe. The world of the internet is confusing, can be hard to follow, and may be hard to stay optimistic.

There is hope though.

New technology is being invented, and designers and programmers everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to make the internet a friendlier, and safer place. Just take a peek at TedTalks and click the”Technology” drop down. You’ll soon find yourself up to your neck in good vibes, and optimistic outlooks.  To go even more in-depth, there’s a whole interwoven network of social media and the people who inhabit these spaces, all working to create a friendlier environment online.


We need to learn to adapt or have someone along the ride who can take you through those ups and downs. People are connected to the internet, like a fisherman to his home waters. They act as an intermediary to help us understand and appreciate the complexity of the emerging universe of possibility that lies central to the internet. Everyone needs the occasional guide to tell them where to cast their lines.


Here at Posture, we have the ability to help you through the complex digital world. We offer a variety of services like custom websites and web strategies that can help you or your company navigate the stormy weathers of the interweb. Check us out and we’ll drop you a line to help you get some nibbles. 😉




Intern Spotlight: Michaela Schmidt

At Posture Interactive, we get a lot of ambitious students working through their internships with us. We love getting to know each and every one of these talented creatives as they grow and learn with us while contributing their work to our ongoing client projects.

Today we’d like you to get to know one of our current interns from Marywood University: meet Michaela!



Where are you from, Michaela?

Crownsville, Maryland right outside of Annapolis.


What inspired you to study Graphic Design?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was a little kid, and after taking a couple graphic design courses in high school I discovered my love for editing and designing!


What’s the best thing so far about going to school and working in Scranton?

All the Office references. Kidding… sort of, but the views here are really beautiful. I love being able to see the mountains in the distance everywhere I look, and I enjoy being in a spot that’s so different from my hometown.


What is the most interesting project/client you’ve worked on at Posture Interactive?

That’s tough, but I would have to say either Vine Cafe or Golden Coast. For Vine Cafe, I created a couple flyers for them, including a Harry Potter Week one which was a lot of fun, and I also got to design their new Spring menu which was such an awesome experience.

For Golden Coast, I designed their Spring stickers that they gave out in their clothing store and I got to play around with hand lettering for it which I love to do! Now I am in the process of designing their summer stickers as well so I look forward to seeing how those turn out!


What is the biggest piece of advice or working skill you’ll take with you from your intern experience here?

The biggest piece of advice I’ll take with me is that it’s okay to ask a lot of questions! I was nervous at first to do so, but now I just load them on Kat and Joey while working on a project just to get feedback on my progress which is really helpful. A working skill I’ll take away from this intern experience too is that you can never have too many options when presenting an idea. Now after working here a bit, I have learned to give them at least five different versions to choose from so they can pick and choose which parts they like about each of them.


What would you tell fellow students who haven’t had an internship yet?

I would tell them that it’s such a worthwhile experience and it’ll really help you grow as a graphic designer for sure! I’ve learned so much already, not just graphic design skill-wise but also in regards to working with clients and getting tasks done at a quick pace and I’ve also gained many great portfolio pieces through it as well.


What is your ideal design project ?

My ideal project is a packaging or print design project involving handlettering or just a lot of typography! To get very specific, I think it would be so neat to have a project hand-lettering quotes for the fronts of notebooks or any kind of cute, stationary product.


Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop?

Illustrator > Everything


Cats or dogs?

Although I do have four cats at home (and bonus: I’m allergic to them). Dogs for sure (sorry Mom)


Your stance on Old Forge pizza?

I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to try any pizza from Old Forge…but I’ll try and change that real soon.

You better get on that before heading back home to Maryland!


True or False: Tony Bartocci is living proof that unicorns exist.

True, most definitely.

First Friday: What’s A Posture?

“What’s a Posture?”

We live on the 3rd floor of a popular downtown spa and salon, so we’re pretty tucked away doing our web design thing. Most spa-goers think we either do waxing, some sort of chiropractic service, or excel in eyelash extensions. We were thrilled at the invitation of our downstairs neighbor, Alexander’s, to exhibit for First Friday. Getting down to business, we set out to create an experiential installation that helped illustrate what we did all day. But just what did that mean? (Besides Doug’s afternoon naps.)

We decided on two concepts which centered around coding and design. At its core, our daily tasks involve putting certain actions, commands or thoughts into a machine (or Macbook Pro) and anticipating a desired result or reaction to make some slick websites. We also use computer programs to help us design unique branding and awesome interactive elements for our projects.

To put our daily workings into a tactile experience, we used a microcontroller called a  Makey Makey (a fun programmable device) to put the spectator in the driver’s seat.  We programmed various interactive pieces around the space with hand-wired controllers projected to large screens. We constructed our own old school video game controller as well as a cornucopia of wired fruit (yes, delicious, nutritious, AND conductive.) Using their own energy as the conductor, visitors became part of the program as well as the designer. Their own actions layered different motions, shapes and sounds on our interactive canvases throughout the evening to create unique works of digital art.

We also exhibited some of our own generative art. What’s that, you ask? Generative art utilizes computer algorithms and user input to build textured patterns of image and design in static and dynamic forms. These selections were produced using software which was programmed to start minimal and grow while exploring the complexities of computer calculations in stunning and captivating visual pieces.  Umm… still sound like Greek?  TL;DR: We created these sweet designs by setting certain rules in the computer and then letting it go wild!

It also turns out that most of our team is, was, or would like to be in a band.  Pooling their talents Captain Planet-style, our musical forces combined for an awesome evening of entertainment.  This, coupled with Kat’s harvest sangria recipe (thanks Pinterest), some culinary delights from Vine Cafe, and a bunch of curious people – all helped answer the question we were asked throughout evening:

“What’s a Posture?”


Getting Social with Posture

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a social media and design session with NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) NEPA at the Posture office. We were thrilled to have this opportunity to not only share what we’ve learned over the years as an agency, but also discuss ways we all handle the daily challenges that we all encounter with our businesses on social media.

A lot of great points arose from our session with these driven business leaders, and today we’d like to share our 5 favorite takeaways with you:

Respond (positively) to criticism
It’s tempting to just shut out the haters –  but when you own a business, shutting out a hater means shutting out a customer. And their family. And their friends. And probably their friends of friends. This is what reputation management refers to – actively engaging in online comments and reviews to build customer trust. Responding positively to a bad customer review or comment and trying to “make things right” is more likely to regain trust and prompt the customer to return to a business. Other followers can see how the negative situation was handled and build trust with your business, too. With the proliferation of reviews and recommendations on social media, our peers are now viewed as authorities on a variety of topics. Make sure trashing your business isn’t one of those topics.

Be authentic
Sorry, but your social media followers actually can see through bullshit. If you’re constantly pushing your product or service in their face you’ll come off as “fake.” Try finding creative ways to introduce your product in everyday situations while giving them a glimpse into who you are as a person/group of people. Post about your mission first to show where your values lie. Talk to your social following like you would a friend. Otherwise, your followers will have difficulty relating to you or engaging with you – and will bump you out of their feeds fast.

Take advantage of free resources
We’re not saying these resources can take the place of the quality and depth of detail that an agency (wink, wink) can provide you, but photo editing apps like VSCO Cam can help you improve your image quality outside of Instagram while Canva or PicMonkey can help even the most “design-challenged” folks on a budget create eye-catching image layouts on the fly. License-free stock image sites like Unsplash are a must to protect yourself from copyright infringement – always give credit to the author of your images if you did not take them yourself and they are not clearly labeled as royalty- or license-free. Free post scheduling software baked into Facebook is super helpful for loading up your posts ahead of time – or you could use a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage content on multiple accounts at once.

Variety is the spice of life
Have a sale, event or promotion going on that you really want to push? Great, post away! Using the same image/content and posting it every day of the week, however, isn’t going to attract the attention of your followers as much as it will bore them. Find different ways to frame the same event or promotion that will continually grab potential customers with exciting new announcements and eye-catching images. Even try mixing it up a little every time with the types of events and promotions you post so you and your brand don’t become “socially predictable.”

Have fun :)
Posting on social media shouldn’t be something that keeps you awake at night. Talk about what comes naturally to you and your business in your daily routine and have fun with how you use photos/video to get people’s attention and share your unique experience. Really liking a popular meme? Go on and work it into a post – your followers may see you as more human. You don’t need a whole marketing team to do this – you just need to be you!

ADDY Award win for Metz design

It was a successful night at the NEPA American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs) held earlier this month. Posture proudly accepted a gold award in the category of marketing sales and promotion for the design of the Metz Culinary Management sales kit.  

Posture Team winning  Gold ADDY Award 2017

The Posture team has always been big supporters of The American Advertising Federation, but our favorite event is definitely the ADDYs. Both Kathryn and myself have served on the AAF board of directors for several years and have seen not only the work that goes into this event but also the increasingly competitive quality of entries that come from all across our region.

The Award-winning work

We’re especially proud of this project because it was a true collaboration of not only the Posture team but also our good friends at Metz. We were tasked with packaging sales materials in a new way that would reflect the company values of fun, integrity, quality, hospitality, balance and respect. Once we immersed ourselves in the family-driven, guest-first culture of Metz, our task became much easier.

ADDY award winning Metz Culinary Management sales marketing Using the core company values as our guide we organized information in an interactive and engaging reader experience. Tiered pages created a pacesetting telling the story of the company, while bright colors represented the quality of fresh ingredients. The heart of the packet housed a colorful depiction of the values that drive the team at Metz. A pocket folder in the back of the piece contains matching supplementary material which provides a customizable aspect to the sales piece.

District Two Awards

Our winning work along with eight other professional entries will now advance to Pittsburg where they will represent Northeast Pennsylvania in the District Two competition. District winners will then compete nationally at ADMERICA in New Orleans. Congrats to all of the 2016-2017 ADDY winners!

The Creative Ritual

Sustained creativity isn’t easy. It originates from routine, a bedrock of creative productivity. We struggle with it at times here at Posture – maybe you do as well.

One of the most rewarding things about working in design and development for me is the flow I can fall into during a project, not coming up for air until I feel whatever I’m working on is “finished” and that part of my mind feels satisfied with the results.

Getting to that point, however, is honestly incredibly challenging for me. Coming up with a creative ritual, a foundation and groove I can build and carve out to keep myself moving I’ve found is much more difficult than just plugging headphones into my ears and going to town on something.

Benjamin Franklin made sure to end every day by asking “What good have I done today?” Maya Angelou only wrote in tiny hotel rooms. Jack Kerouac made sure to touch the ground nine times before

One of my favorite sites to visit to recenter my mind for work is 99u, which featured a really great article entitled  “10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal” that does a deep dive into the creative routines of some of the world’s best thinkers, entrepreneurs, researchers and creatives.

While I am far and away not practicing any of these as religion (yet!), some of them just make sense to me. Namely:

  • Holding a retrospective team meeting after a project to see where everyone’s head is at, how they feel, gripes they have etc.
  • Getting out of the building; sometimes just a 15 minute walk clears my head enough to get back in the game.
  • Take time to let your mind breathe; a vacation of sorts isn’t always a reality but something as simply as honoring your weekends to keep to yourself can make a world of difference.

Check out the full article at the 99u here


Northeast Woman (right here!)

Kathryn Bondi sits across from us all, doing her thing.  We’re beaming with pride today as it’s exposed that she’s just as busy outside the office inspiring great things as she is daily with us!  Take a peek at our very own resident Northeast Woman!

“What I’ve gotten from this area is a great community,” she added. “There’s a sense of lifting each other and camaraderie, of wanting to see other businesses and events do well. We have to be there for each other. In this area, I feel like no good deed goes unnoticed.”

Read full article here