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Fashion Week or Photoshop?

On this day in 1990, we were blessed with a then little known program called Adobe Photoshop.  Now an industry standard (and a natural friend of the office) Photoshop celebrates its 25th birthday.  We thought you might like to see how it’s changed the world as told through Jimmy Kimmel’s eyes!

Enjoy… and save us some cake!

In With The New

Today we’re proud to say we’ve “retired” our old website.

But we’ve replaced it with a cooler one 🙂

We think our new home online is an honest and true representation of who we are as a company, and we hope if you stumbled upon us here that you think so as well (hire us?).

It’s always an uncomfortable experience to put yourself under a microscope and redefine what you are – our scenario was no different.

When the first version of our website went up (Dec. 5, 2012), I was trying to get something together quickly so when I visited a networking event (that same evening of Dec. 5) there would be something at the other end of the URL on my business cards.

That time before we had our own office space and I was working out of the trunk of my car, or skipping around to whichever gracious early-on Posture clients would allow me sit in their conference room or common area and let me get some work done: things I will always be happy and grateful that have their place in Posture’s timeline.

A time before Posture began to rapidly take shape and evolve into the diverse, creative, and productive ecosystem it has become, defined more so by who we are rather than our skill sets (but, honestly we are pretty badass at what we do).

Posture Desk Blog

This site is a true representation of the process of redefining yourself, and a true representation of the place this company is today.

A place I’m really proud to call Posture Interactive.


(Un)photogenic Therapy

We work above a spa and salon, a place covered in mirrors – so you think we’d have known.  I mean literally… I even have this huge full length mirror in my office that I stole from the floors below. They are everywhere.

When our trusty camera man arrived for photo day, you would of thought it was our first time out in public.  Upon scouring through the shots… trying to find something that appealed to our own vanities… Everything was questioned about what we thought we knew about ourselves and how our team actually saw each other on a daily basis.  Sounds made, awkward mannerisms, weird habits and/or faces were all exposed.

The photo selection session quickly transformed more into a Dr. Phil moment.  Yes, you really do… that… all the time.

I Giggle…

It happens each time I’ve been saying the word… cornhole. Ha. I just laughed again.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania will be hosting a Cornhole Tournament on November 15, 2014 at the Backyard Ale House. Registration begins at 12:30 with a 1:30 bag toss start. The cost to play is $40 per team with double elimination play.  Posture is sponsoring their own hole (again… just stop) and would love for you to join a team!

Participants must be 21 and over to play. The event is rain or shine as participants will compete on a heated covered patio. Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place winners, along with a prize for the most creative team name.

To register contact Julianne at (570) 342-8709 ext. 110 or

End giggle.


500 Days

We’ve been busy here a Posture.  Our new face on the internets is fast emerging, something we are calling Pv2.

The time leading up to this new site launch has been a year in the making.  In a world where we make confident, creative decisions with our clients every day, it’s seemingly terrifying when having to make those same decisions for ourselves. What do we say? How do we say it?  As we continue to refine our voice, we looked at our work over the last 18 months in our current space.  Like that special montage in any movie with music in the background… everything we’ve poured our hearts in to the past 500-sum days flashed across the screen all at once.

We immediately realized that we all were blessed.  Blessed that clients – old and new – allowed us into their lives to help.  We hope we’ve helped in our days here and are even more excited for the next 500.