Today we’re proud to say we’ve “retired” our old website.

But we’ve replaced it with a cooler one ūüôā

We think our new home online is an honest and true representation of who we are as a company, and we hope if you stumbled upon us here that you think so as well (hire us?).

It’s always an uncomfortable experience to put yourself under a microscope and redefine what you are¬†– our¬†scenario was no different.

When the first version of our website went up (Dec. 5, 2012), I was trying to get something together quickly so when I visited a networking event (that same evening of Dec. 5) there would be something at the other end of the URL on my business cards.

That time¬†before we had our own office space and I was working out of the trunk of my car, or skipping around to whichever gracious early-on Posture clients would allow¬†me sit in their conference room or common area and let me get some work done: things I will always be happy and grateful that have¬†their place in Posture’s timeline.

A time before Posture began to rapidly take shape and evolve into the diverse, creative, and productive ecosystem it has become, defined more so by who we are rather than our skill sets (but, honestly we are pretty badass at what we do).

Posture Desk Blog

This site is a true representation of the process of redefining yourself, and a true representation of the place this company is today.

A place I’m really proud to call Posture Interactive.