Intern Spotlight: Justin Moldovanyi

Intern Spotlight: Justin Moldovanyi

This Spring, the team at Posture has been fortunate enough to have not one, but TWO interns helping us out with projects while gaining real-world agency experience. This week, we’d like to put the spotlight on our marketing & SEO intern, Justin Moldovanyi. He comes to us from just a few blocks away at the University of Scranton, where he is pursuing his B.S. in Marketing.

Hey Scranton, meet Justin!

Where are you originally from, Justin?

Perkasie, PA (Just outside Philly)


What inspired you to study Marketing and Advertising?

I actually started my college career as an exercise science major, but after one semester I knew it was not the right major for me. The following semester I switched to business and by the 3rd semester I took my first marketing class and loved it. From there I have enjoyed every marketing class I have had. There is so much opportunity and creativity in marketing and I would love to work in sports marketing.


What’s your favorite thing so far about going to school and working in Scranton?

My favorite part about Scranton is definitely the people. I have made so many friends at the University and everyone there is so friendly and willing to help out.


What is the most interesting project/client you’ve worked on at Posture Interactive?

I would have to say the first client I worked with, Fit AF Nutrition. This was definitely the most fun and involved client I got to work with. I was tasked with helping to layout some of the internal pages for the new website, creating email marketing templates, filling in content, and optimizing the SEO content for the website and products.


What is the biggest piece of advice or working skill you’ll take with you from your intern experience here?

I would say just being in an agency environment working with professionals and gaining real world experience because you do not get this in the classroom.


What is your ideal marketing project or client to work on?

Anything in the sports industry. I am a big sports fan and have played sports all my life so working within that industry would play to my strengths.


How do you feel so far about worshipping “The Google” when it comes to content and SEO?

Google is an extremely powerful tool and it has been fun learning about all of the ways businesses can harness its powers. SEO is one of those tools. I enjoyed learning about SEO and getting real life experience.


We hear you’re quite the ultimate Frisbee MVP with the University of Scranton team. How’s the season going right now?

This season has been great! We have won 2 tournaments and advanced to regionals. This was the first time in our teams history that we made it to regionals so I would say it has been an exciting season.


What’s your favorite Scranton hangout/restaurant/bar you’ve discovered in your 4 years here?

This is a tough one because there are a lot of good places to eat and drink in Scranton. I would say my favorite restaurant is Bar Pazzo and my favorite bar is Backyard Ale House.

Those are definitely some Posture favorites, too!


Finally – do you find Doug more annoying or less annoying now than when you started working here?

I actually never found Doug to be annoying. I enjoyed working with him and learned a lot from him.

That’s so nice of you to say! (but I think we both know the truth…)

Intern Spotlight: Michaela Schmidt

At Posture Interactive, we get a lot of ambitious students working through their internships with us. We love getting to know each and every one of these talented creatives as they grow and learn with us while contributing their work to our ongoing client projects.

Today we’d like you to get to know one of our current interns from Marywood University: meet Michaela!



Where are you from, Michaela?

Crownsville, Maryland right outside of Annapolis.


What inspired you to study Graphic Design?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was a little kid, and after taking a couple graphic design courses in high school I discovered my love for editing and designing!


What’s the best thing so far about going to school and working in Scranton?

All the Office references. Kidding… sort of, but the views here are really beautiful. I love being able to see the mountains in the distance everywhere I look, and I enjoy being in a spot that’s so different from my hometown.


What is the most interesting project/client you’ve worked on at Posture Interactive?

That’s tough, but I would have to say either Vine Cafe or Golden Coast. For Vine Cafe, I created a couple flyers for them, including a Harry Potter Week one which was a lot of fun, and I also got to design their new Spring menu which was such an awesome experience.

For Golden Coast, I designed their Spring stickers that they gave out in their clothing store and I got to play around with hand lettering for it which I love to do! Now I am in the process of designing their summer stickers as well so I look forward to seeing how those turn out!


What is the biggest piece of advice or working skill you’ll take with you from your intern experience here?

The biggest piece of advice I’ll take with me is that it’s okay to ask a lot of questions! I was nervous at first to do so, but now I just load them on Kat and Joey while working on a project just to get feedback on my progress which is really helpful. A working skill I’ll take away from this intern experience too is that you can never have too many options when presenting an idea. Now after working here a bit, I have learned to give them at least five different versions to choose from so they can pick and choose which parts they like about each of them.


What would you tell fellow students who haven’t had an internship yet?

I would tell them that it’s such a worthwhile experience and it’ll really help you grow as a graphic designer for sure! I’ve learned so much already, not just graphic design skill-wise but also in regards to working with clients and getting tasks done at a quick pace and I’ve also gained many great portfolio pieces through it as well.


What is your ideal design project ?

My ideal project is a packaging or print design project involving handlettering or just a lot of typography! To get very specific, I think it would be so neat to have a project hand-lettering quotes for the fronts of notebooks or any kind of cute, stationary product.


Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop?

Illustrator > Everything


Cats or dogs?

Although I do have four cats at home (and bonus: I’m allergic to them). Dogs for sure (sorry Mom)


Your stance on Old Forge pizza?

I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to try any pizza from Old Forge…but I’ll try and change that real soon.

You better get on that before heading back home to Maryland!


True or False: Tony Bartocci is living proof that unicorns exist.

True, most definitely.