“Look into nature and you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein said, and I often reflect on the quote when I don’t understand something.


Most days, I’m grappling to understand a way in which I can relate my love of nature and the fast-paced technologically driven world that we live in. It can be hard to see any connections, but essentially, we’ve built technology to reflect the nature around us, so when you look hard enough similarities arise.

For instance, nature has this incredible way of adapting to nearly every change that’s thrown at it. Recently, I was reminded of nature’s adaptability when I attended a presentation by A & G Outfitters on Scranton’s Lackawanna River. A key part of the presentation was that despite the city’s industrial history and city surroundings, the fishing is more than exceptional. In fact, despite the insane amount of crap(pun intended), that’s passed through the river, parts are currently labeled as Class A waters, which means there are sustained wild populations of trout (bear in mind that they are suggested catch and release. Eating these fish are not recommended by any means).

By now you’re thinking: neat history and ecology lesson, but what does this have to do with technology?

man fly fishing

Answer: everything has to do with everything.

The digital universe is in its own way, an ever-changing river. The internet is rough and turbulent like the waters of the Lackawanna River, and over the years there’s been plenty of garbage poured into the web universe. The world of the internet is confusing, can be hard to follow, and may be hard to stay optimistic.

There is hope though.

New technology is being invented, and designers and programmers everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to make the internet a friendlier, and safer place. Just take a peek at TedTalks and click the”Technology” drop down. You’ll soon find yourself up to your neck in good vibes, and optimistic outlooks.  To go even more in-depth, there’s a whole interwoven network of social media and the people who inhabit these spaces, all working to create a friendlier environment online.


We need to learn to adapt or have someone along the ride who can take you through those ups and downs. People are connected to the internet, like a fisherman to his home waters. They act as an intermediary to help us understand and appreciate the complexity of the emerging universe of possibility that lies central to the internet. Everyone needs the occasional guide to tell them where to cast their lines.


Here at Posture, we have the ability to help you through the complex digital world. We offer a variety of services like custom websites and web strategies that can help you or your company navigate the stormy weathers of the interweb. Check us out and we’ll drop you a line to help you get some nibbles. 😉