Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts A Website Overhaul in the Land of Love


Project Overview:

Purpose - Overhaul the existing website from the client’s previous management company while providing consistent and timely website support
Objective - Encourage users to book rooms and reserve event tickets at all 3 Cove Haven resorts while more effectively making it clear how the 3 resorts work together, where they are located, and what each has to offer in terms of events and amenities.
Duration - 4 Months
Team/Roles - graphic designer, project manager, web developer, digital marketing

Project Narrative

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is a group of 3 couples-only resorts nestled in the scenic Pocono Mountains. Their only problem was that people weren’t exactly sure where they were or how the resorts were connected. Our mission was to not only redesign their website to be clean, modern, and more inviting to a younger demographic with integrated video content, but to also work with their marketing team to make the relationship between the resorts and their amenities more apparent.


Graphic Design & Branding


responsive web comps

Email marketing design

Sitemap development

Web ad creative

Web Development

Responsive development

front end development

web hosting

application development


custom theme development

technical documentation


project management



server administration

Database management

Marketing & Content

content management

digital advertising

retargeted marketing

Closing Thoughts

The results of the redesigned website launch include: pageviews increased by over 45% while the bounce rate was effectively reduced by 45%. This, along with other site optimizations, caused conversion rates to increase by over 42%, effectively increasing the revenue for the year by 36%.

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