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Designing a Smoother Running Business

Project Overview:

Fit AF was a business of heart that was developed to help anyone eat healthier. Whether they were a busy mom trying to get healthy dinners for kids or a fitness tracking ultra runner, Fit AF delivered customizable meals every week for clients all over Scranton. The issue was that the business was growing and Jordan’s data management system was a composition notebook where he converted the number of meals he had recorded through text messages, notebooks, and napkins to be converted each meal into its own grocery list. Then, he’d add up all the grocery lists and go shopping. Jordan came to us because he needed a respectable branding and a new website that could accommodate his expanding business and the customization of his meal plans. So we gave him not only the site and brand he wanted but also everything else he deserved.

Brand an inclusive fitness identity that appeals to a variety of customers
Create a website that serves Fit AF by streamlining the grocery shopping process
Build a rotating and customizable inventory of meals for clients
Push all customers through one system of payment and meal planning

Stage 1: Brand Development
We worked with Fit AF to establish how they wanted their brand to look. We started with a multitude of logos. Then, we slowly picked apart the logos and pulled their brand from the critiques and suggestions they made, so that our design had their intentions at the center.

Stage 2: Web Conception
In team meetings, we met to discuss how to approach such a complex and systematic website. It took more than one discussion and many meetings to formulate a solidified concept of how the website would work. We brainstormed different ways to develop a website that would be unique enough to FIT A.F.’s need for customization, automation, and organization.

Stage 3: Web Integration
We eventually developed a solution that was beyond what we ever intended. We created a website, that not only made FIT AF’s orders easier, but also allowed him the time and energy to put his time to better use than combining ton’s of grocery lists together to get his supplies ready. We implemented a custom Wordpress solution that our developers spent hours coding and collaborating to come up with. Now, FIT A.F.’s site rotates categories, translates orders into grocery lists, and more.

Business Solutions and Results
Following the Branding Design and the Web development, Fit AF’s business began to run smoother and resulted in higher web traffic and an easier running of the business. This allowed the owner to begin focusing his energy elsewhere: on catering and delivering high-quality nutritional meals for his customers. We helped out as his web traffic doubled and more customers began purchasing through his online meal system.

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