Safeteens Website Design

Modernizing an Antiquated Informational Website

Project Overview:

The internet moves at an amazingly fast-pace. One day your shiny new website is working at the height of the internet's capabilities, and the next its being left in the dust. Just like a car is sure to get a little rust here and there and need replacement parts, a website will eventually need some work under the hood. SafeTeens was a website that helped keep young adults informed about important health topics like STDs, safe sex, and relationships. They had an older website that had been working for them, but with new web developments like HTML 5 and CSS 3, as well as the growing importance of responsive web design, SafeTeen was needing some extra help keeping their site relevant with current and upcoming technological changes. They came to us with the desire to use their existing site as the framework for a new site. They needed the functionality and practicality of an updated website, with the same look and feel of their old website. It needed to keep the key information and restructure the innards so the website could continue to inform teens, whether they're using a computer or their phone. We kept all the information the same and simply built a more functional website around it. In the process, we helped focus the website with the large call to actions that would answer the most relevant questions someone visiting the site might have. Additionally, we helped showcase their texting hotline by bringing it into the limelight so teens could find it more easily.

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