Sands Bethlehem Event Center Website Redesign Takes Center Stage

Digital Marketing, Web

Project Overview:

Purpose - a redesign to bring the Sands Bethlehem brand to life on all devices
Objective - align with business goals, bringing awareness to events and driving ticket sales
Duration - 4 months
Team/roles - design, development, project management, client services

Project Narrative

After our team visited and met with the Director of Marketing at Sands, we received a tour of the facilities and got an idea of the plans they have to re-invent their marketing strategies and appeal. This integral meeting gave us the foundation for our redesign to come together quickly.

Our biggest piece of custom functionality written from the ground up was their new Events module, which enriched the user experience of finding an event within a certain date range & a redesigned internal event page expounding on the event in great detail, all managed from within the backend by the client.

Project Showcase


Graphic Design & Branding



Design compositions

Designs rendered for desktop, tablet + mobile

Web Development

Front-end development

CSS3, HTML5, Javascript

Back-end development


Secure hosting solution

Project management

Task and milestone monitoring

Documentation of client feedback revisions

Timetable-against-budget monitoring

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the redesign met the goals we set out to accomplish and our client has seen a noticeable uptick in on-sale and announce dates for new events, and countless new customer exposure to an event space looking to kick it up a notch, and have the digital prowess and presence to back it up.

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